Special Earthquake Programs


Earthquakes are a real concern here in California, as recent USGA studies show we are overdue for a major earthquake event. New and improved residential earthquake programs offer affordable premiums and coverage options to make it easier to protect your home and property. Business Owners who could experience loss of income and continuing expenses following an earthquake will benefit from the Quake Assist for Business program.
Helping you get back on solid ground

ICAT Residential EQ

ICAT Earthquake Homeowner insurance offers tremendous advantages compared to other options.

  • Greater Affordability—Precise location and seismological based pricing helps ensure that    homeowners don't overpay for coverage. While some high-end homes are priced based on risk conditions at the property's location, ICAT uses our experience in modeling commercial properties to make this pricing available to residences at all levels. This sophisticated pricing model saves many homeowners money.

  • Lower Deductibles—Many providers offer only a 15% deductible, while ICAT customers can select deductibles from 2% to 25%. This gives homeowners greater control over the cost of their coverage.

  • Complete, Flexible Coverage—Instead of the single-limit and low-limit coverage offered by some providers, ICAT Earthquake Homeowner insurance offers separate limits and deductibles for each line of coverage. Enhanced coverage for swimming pools and the cost of being displaced from your home are also available.

  • Multiple Payment Options—Payment can be made online, by credit card or by mail, for even greater convenience.

  • Superior Service—Our service, and claims representatives are recognized for providing a superior experience for policyholders.


Quake Assist

Business Interruption Protection

Designed specifically to help California business owners, Quake Assist provides business interruption insurance to protect business owners from financial losses from business closure after an earthquake – whether or not their property has sustained physical damage due to:

  • Loss of utilities

  • Premises inaccessible due to road closures, building, sidewalk or parking issues

  • Supplies undeliverable

  • Employees unable to get to work

Coverage offers financial protection for loss of income and expenses due to an earthquake. Quake Assist includes a unique-to-the-market coverage that triggers upon “business closure” after an earthquake, even if no damage occurs to the insured’s building and/or business property. Daily limits of insurance are available to cover loss of income, ongoing expenses to maintain cash flow and help protect the viability of the business while it is closed.

Coverage Highlights

  • Coverage applies when a business closes due to an earthquake of 4.0 or greater within 100 miles of the insured location.

  • Customers can purchase a daily limit of coverage up to 90 days subject to an annual aggregate limit of $1,000,000.

  • Waiting period from 2-5 days

GeoVera Residential EQ

Single Limit Policies

GeoVera provides a single limit of coverage instead of individual limits for dwelling, personal property, loss of use, and other structures. Review the following PDF chart to compare GeoVera's single limit on a Comprehensive or Standard policy.

GeoVera Online Rater: